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Our Edge

Our Edge

An award-winning premier design+build house with a focus on sustainability, community and safety - there is nothing ordinary about what we create at Peregrine.  We are conscientious about everything we do - it's what gives us our edge and distinguishes us from the mainstream.

Our clients are some of the world’s top brands and many of them would settle for nothing less than completely original designs, crafted with care, efficiency and that special edge. We put that same diligence into every aspect of our business.


As design+build professionals, it is our responsibility to understand the global impact of our decisions. Peregrine is continuously searching for materials that has a lower impact in the environment, including high quality, recycled materials, and questioning our existing solutions for sustainable design.

Reducing waste not only makes sense from an environmental perspective - it makes good business sense too. Waste reduction initiatives are the cornerstone of Peregrine’s sustainability policy. All waste generated in the manufacturing process or by suppliers is carefully sorted, reused or recycled. We also offer our customers a program to recycle their plastic waste in order to keep it out of the landfill.


We believe that the most effective way to strengthen our community and grow the talent in our industry is to actively contribute to educational initiatives that promote the development of our young people. We employ and mentor fabricators from our local high schools whenever possible and we’ve worked closely with the Emily Carr Design School and Simon Fraser University in Metro Vancouver, developing projects for students to obtain invaluable experience in the fields of industrial design and marketing.


At Peregrine, safety is our first priority. Despite a track record of only two lost-time injuries in the past decade, we recognize the need for constant diligence. Our goal is no less than an injury free workplace, and we continuously monitor and improve our practices to achieve that end.


A.R.E. Design Award

“Mile High” Nod to Nature - Lululemon - Storefront/Exterior (2015)

In 2015, Peregrine was recognized by the Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E) for a dramatic storefront, designed and handcrafted for Lululemon, that incorporated 6000 pieces locally-sourced, salvaged red alder.

BC’s Top 10 Best Companies - Small Business BC Awards

Picked from a pool of 460 nominated companies, Peregrine placed in the top 10 for a Small Business BC award for Best Company in 2015. The Best Company Award recognizes the BC small business that best demonstrates exceptional leadership and a proven track record of growth and profitability.

Telus/Globe & Mail’s “The Challenge” - Regional Winners

Peregrine was selected as a 2014 regional winner in “The Challenge”, from a pool of more than 1000 Canada-wide entries, for proposing an innovative solution to a challenge faced by Canadian small businesses.

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