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Hillberg & Berk

Peregrine designed and manufactured two new stores for the expansion of Canada’s alternative jewellery retailer, Hillberg & Berk in Edmonton’s Southgate Centre and Kingsway Mall.


To design and create a luxurious retail environment featuring an exquisitely lit “sparkle bar” to showcase and capture the sparkle of Hillberg & Berk’s uniquely stunning jewellery.


Our talented design department created a variety of fixtures for the new stores to be built with a white, high gloss finished Avonite, Hafele LED lighting, tempered glass and copper accents.


The Sparkle Bar Showcase demonstrated Peregrines ability to combine multiple materials including LED lighting, solid surface, millwork and glass all of which are fabricated in house.


The Sparkle Bar custom lighting was created using a LED strip light that was recessed, covered with a diffused lens cover with no visible LED points. Daylight white light was used to produce the ultimate sparkle.


Keeping with Hillberg & Berk’s high standards, the Peregrine team made sure that they paid the highest level of attention to detail to ensure that the final product was top quality.


Peregrine’s experienced and detail focused installation team made sure that the fixtures were transported to the locations and installed without a hitch.

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    Millwork, metalwork, engineering, retail fixtures manufacturing

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